Github How to use

The struggling Developer
4 min readJan 30, 2021

In this guide I will walk you how to use Github. You will see the requirements for using GitHub

Step 1: Install git


For Windows follow this Guide to Install Git on Windows

Mac OS

For Mac OS follow this Guide to Install Git on Mac OS

Step 2: Register a GitHub account

To be able to use GitHub you need to create an account you need to register an account. To do so go to and fill out his form:

Step 3: Create a local git repository

Go in your terminal to the folder where you want to create a git repository. Create it by executing git init.

You will get a confirmation that looks like this: Initialized empty Git repository in $yourFolder

Step 4: Add a new file to the repo

To add a file to the repository execute git add $filename

Replace $filename with the name of the actual file you want to add to your repository

Step 5: Create a commit

To create a commit execute git commit -m $commitMessage

Replace $commitMessage with a message that explains what you did here

Step 6: Create a new branch

To create a new branch execute git checkout -b $branchName

Replace $branchName with the name you want to give the branch your working on.

Step 7: Create a new repository on GitHub

Click on Create repository . The confirmation looks like this:

Step 8: Push a branch to GitHub

To push the content of a branch execute git push -u origin $branchName

Replace $branchName with you wished branch

Step 9: Create a Pull Request (PR)