Life is what is happening after you executed plans

The struggling Developer
2 min readJan 20, 2021

Life can be great. Or it can suck. Or both, at the same time or changing from one extreme to the other.

Sometimes you feel high from Love and Happiness. Sometimes you get one sucker punch after another.

6 weeks ago I moved to another country to be with the woman I love. It felt crazy, adventurous, beautiful, scary, amazing. All at the same time.

W can´t see each other daily yet, but we cope with it and make the time together special. Sometimes we work next to each other for the day too.

One of the days where we wanted to make it special we planned to meet at the beach. I rode a Scooter to there and as you might have already guessed Life sucker punched me. Kinda reminds me off Deadpool when he talks about Life and the commercial like breaks.

As you might have guessed already I had an accident. The details aren´t important.
After the fall I got up, only both elbows hurting a little. I felt like Superman, indestructible. So I got back on the scooter and met my Girlfriend at the beach.

Little did I know about what was coming. Slowly, starting an hour later, the pain in the elbows got worse and worse. Until I couldn´t lift an almost empty bottle.
I still tried ti ride the scooter back, but I couldn´t. The pain…